The Fostering World

March 22, 2022


When we come into this world we don’t get to choose the life we will have, the parents we get or the places we’ll live. Sometimes, there are families that are angel families, or Foster Families. These families are made up of parents that want to love and cherish a little one that may have been born in circumstances that were not fit for their little bodies. These families are made up of love that might just be a couple of days, or possibly years. Foster Parents are often just a detour in the road and a pitstop in the journey in these littles lives. The fostering world isn’t for everyone, but the ones that are in the fostering world are true saints. 


Fostering World and Newborn SEssions

Just because you might be a Foster Parent, doesn’t mean that you should miss out on all those important moments in your little ones life! Newborn Sessions are one of those milestones that I want to help you capture! 

When I was little my Mom worked for Child Protective Services, and I was exposed to many different family forms. Not one family was the same and some missed out on different things, because they didn’t feel it was there right to take the place of parents. We were always involved in Foster events and it was always so eye opening how we as people treat people differently! I believe that everyone deserves to be treated the same, and so began my journey in capturing the fostering world! 

As you can see I can’t share this adorable babies full pictures, as his identity can not be shared, but I can still show the love and joy of this little ones arrival! I was able to connect to this Foster Mom, as she reached out in hopes of capturing her new Foster. Not knowing how long or when this sweet bundle of joy would part her care we rushed to get her in for this Newborn Session. 

This little one was a total dream, we were able to capture some beautiful images and able to capture those tiny finger and toes the way every baby deserves to have done. It’s so hard to just share some small sneaks, but in the fostering world keep these little humans safe it key! 


Are you in the Fostering World?

Are you a Foster Parent and want to capture your little bundle of joy? Let’s chat….I am always looking to capture little ones and love giving my time back. I know the time may be limited, but the memories will last a lifetime and these images can travel with these little ones! 

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent, here is a great starting place to find the steps in starting this new journey! 

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Maternity for those budding bumps, Newborn, Milestone, and Pure Cake Sessions for those sweet babies. I've got you covered! 

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I'm Christine! Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Children photographer based in Friendswood, TX. I love helping families capture those timeless memories in the raw. Creating keepsakes to last a lifetime. Time can go fast, but pictures can freeze frame time.!

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If you haven't learned yet, leaving the house with a Newborn is no easy task! You will most likely feel like you're packing your whole house when you come to your Newborn Session. Let us make it easy for you! All the things you need in one little place! 

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