Newborn Hospital Pictures at Texas Children’s Women’s Pavilion

September 10, 2018

What a sweet blessing it was to be able to take these Fresh 48 pictures for this sweet new family! I enjoy photographing these sessions because I am able to see first hand all the joy a new life brings to everyone in the room. You can tell just by these photos how much love this sweet new baby brought into her parent’s lives. These are some of those days that we remember forever.  I enjoy photographing Fresh 48 sessions because I feel like I am part of the special day, I am able to help families remember every tiny detail of the day. I hear families comment that they love looking back at these sweet pictures and being able to hold onto the moment as time goes on and babies grow quickly. Just looking at these photos, you can feel the warmth and love in the room. This Fresh 48 session was perfect.

It’s all in the Entrance

Sweet baby Emily has had a very exciting entrance into the world, and she is so excited to finally be in Mom and Dad’s arms. I enjoyed looking at her tiny little toes and fingers; everything about a newborn baby precious. Take a peak at the priceless smiles on this family’s face- so extremely blessed by their newest addition.  I am so happy for this family to be able to take home their new baby and make new memories. But for today, it was my job to capture the ones they made in the hospital.  It is a huge blessing that we are able to freeze moments through a camera and look back at them forever to feel as though we are back in the moment.

The Hospital

If you aren’t aware, Texas Children’s now has a Women’s Pavilion that you can deliver at! The new Pavilion is absolutely breathtaking, with large windows to let in tons of natural light to new and fresh rooms for you to enjoy with your new families addition! This little baby girls’ hospital pictures are stunning, with the help and design of the Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women.

Give the gift of priceless memories and days like this to yourself or a loved one today! Let’s Chat about your little ones big day and how we can make it special for your family! The smiles on your faces today, can be made to last a lifetime with your Fresh 48 Session!

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