Baylor’s Fresh 48 Session

March 31, 2019

I had the pleasure of going to meet sweet baby Baylor yesterday for her Fresh 48 Session! Her amazing family was just mesmerized by the newest addition to the family. By far the most smitten of them all was Big Sister Mackenzie. She just loves her new baby sister so much and couldn’t help but keep her eyes on her the whole time. I can’t wait to watch these two precious girls grow and become life long best friends!!! Congratulations Mom and Dad!

What a Fresh 48 Session is really about!

This beautiful Fresh 48 Session took place at The Women’s Hospital of Texas here in Houston, Texas. It was so fun to take the session to the Hospital, these early hours are some of the memories that are most special. As a new parent, your heart opens up to love in ways you could never imagine. I know it’s not home, and you don’t feel yourself, but Fresh 48 Sessions are timeless. It’s not about what you look like, its about the raw emotions this new bundle of joy brings to you and your family. Just look at how this beautiful new bundle of joy, brings so much light and love to this new family of FOUR! 

The Generations

It was fun having Grandma, Grandpa and even Great Grandma in the room for this session. They were a great help with Big Sister and they were all just so in love with baby Baylor! Just look at the generations in these images, these are images that freeze frame time and will last a lifetime!

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