Are you looking for a Newborn Photographer in Friendswood, TX? Christine Morrison Photographer is located in Friendswood, TX and specializes in Newborn Photography. The studio is located right in Friendswood, where all of our Newborn Sessions, Milestone and Pure Cake Sessions take place.

Beautiful baby boy in a grey background with white wrap, in a perfect froggy pose. Baby's face is just so soft and that dark head of hair is breathtaking.

The studio is packed with tons of props, outfits, wraps, and more. Think anything Newborn Session, and CMP has it ready to use at your session. Just like this little mans Newborn Session, we were able to pull all of the items you see here from our prop closet at the Friendswood Studio.

Babies tiny toes wrapped in a grey wrap.

Sometimes capturing those small details are all we need in a Newborn Session, just the simplest of setups. These tiny Newborn Toes are all we need for our hearts to melt over this Newborn Session. Or we can add in some props and items that are meaning full to your family.

Baby boy in wooden bed prop, with the softest touch of fall with some pumpkins from a local Pumpkin Patch in Friendswood, Texas.

Still keeping it simple with neutral tones, and adding in a bed prop and some pumpkins from a local Pumpkin Patch in Friendswood, TX you can see how our focus is still on the handsome little man. Not to mention the Pumpkins bring in the season of when baby was born and also something Mom loved.

Sweet baby boy in the heck fin pose, wrapped with white swaddle and on a grey backdrop. All items supplied by CMP in our Friendswood, TX Newborn Session.

I always love to go back to the neutral tones and keeping it simple, so we can focus all of our attention of baby. This is one of those images that will last a lifetime. You may love bright colors now, but what about 20 years. By keeping the color pallet simple and neutral these are now images that you will cherish for a lifetime, regardless of what is in or out of style

We added a grey and white sleepy hat to baby to help just add a little touch and change the images.

Just add those small touches like this sweet striped hat, and change the dynamic of the Newborn Session. I love capturing babies and not items that take away from baby. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment playing dress up in our Friendswood Newborn Photography Studio, but simple is timeless…

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Friendswood Newborn Photographer

January 11, 2022

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Did you know that we supply everything for your session, from props and items for baby to Dresses for Mom and sibling outfits too!

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Maternity for those budding bumps, Newborn, Milestone, and Pure Cake Sessions for those sweet babies. I've got you covered! 

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I'm Christine! Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, Family and Children photographer based in Friendswood, TX. I love helping families capture those timeless memories in the raw. Creating keepsakes to last a lifetime. Time can go fast, but pictures can freeze frame time.!

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